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Hoosier Racing Tire
Corp. has been producing winning race tires for over 40 years. Hoosier produces over 1000 different size and compound combinations used at over 400 race tracks across the world. Those 1000 different size and compound combinations have been divided into subcategories for your convenience. They are; Drag, Road Racing, Oval Track Dirt, Oval Track Asphalt, Kart & 1/4 Midget and ATV & Tubes. Each of these categories have been further divided into more specific subcategories.

By clicking on one of the subcategories under RACE TIRES in the left hand navigation frame you will be given additional choices to select from in the left hand navigation frame. 

These additional choices are;

SPECS: Where you can view specific tire sizes and details about each tire. All tire rule specs tires are not displayed in this website or the printed catalog. Please contact a local distributor for further information on tire rule spec tires.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): These are common questions we are asked that can avoid having to wait for an e-mail response to a question that may have already been asked and answered.

DISTRIBUTION: This will be who you can contact to obtain and purchase tires you are interested in.

DISCONTINUED: This is a listing of discontinued tires available for sale at deeply discounted prices.

PHOTO GALLERY: Photos pertaining to the category you are in.

PRODUCT MANAGER BIO: This is a biography of some of the various Product Managers who handle the line you are viewing.

CONTACT US: If you are unable to find an answer to a question you have in the FAQ section, this will be where your questions within a specific product line can be sent directly to the product manager handling that line of tires.

WARRANTY: Listing of Hoosier's warranty and warnings regarding its race tire lines.


Hoosier Racing Tire

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