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Driver Supachok Leelertpanchai (left) and Scott Chen celebrate his record-setting run.THAILAND (November 3, 2012) -- Another record time using Hoosier drag slicks was set in Thailand recently in the Thailand King of Diesel event on Saturday. 

Driver Supachok Leelertpanchai (left in photo) made the record-setting quarter mile pass in 8.826 seconds in the Open Unlimited class driving a 4-cylinder diesel Chevy Colorado.

Hoosier's Scott Chen (right in photo) reported that the 32-year old Supachok Leelertpanchai drives for the Chaba-Bird Lak Ha garage/race team and has been a loyal Hoosier tire user for four years.

Chen, who continues his efforts to develop his growing customer base in Thailand, has been the Hoosier Tire distributor in Thailand for seven years. 

During this time, Chen has focused primarily on drag racing tires and is working toward bringing the Hoosier brand to other markets in Thailand like road racing and karting. 

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. congratulates Supachok Leelertpanchai on his record-setting achievement while racing on Hoosier tires.

We would also like to recognize the hard work Scott Chen puts in at the race track each week in Thailand promoting the Hoosier brand. 


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