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Hoosier Tire Extends Sprints on Dirt Agreement

Hoosier Tire Extends Sprints on Dirt Agreement

Putting an exclamation point on the success of the Engine Pro Sprint On Dirt presented by ARP “beyond limits” format, Hoosier Racing Tire has extended its tire agreement with SOD through the 2019 season.  The new agreement ensures competitors that they will see no changes in the spec tires for the next three years.

Terry Young, General Manager of Hoosier Tire Midwest, said: “We are pleased to announce our extension of our agreement with Sprints on Dirt for the next several years.  Under the leadership of John (SOD president John Naida), the series will see viable growth and continue to improve each season. It has been a pleasure working with John and his group and we are excited to continue to build on that relationship.”

Through the initial shock of the “beyond limits” format introduction prior to the 2016 SOD season, Hoosier staunchly supported the move, providing spec tires that exceeded all expectations.  Hoosier Racing Tire produced tires that cost SOD competitors less than most sprint car tires while providing a level of performance that produced a record low number of spins per green flag laps for the entire season.  More competitive, side-by-side racing, and seven different winners in ten races were also highlights of the season.

Engine Pro Sprint On Dirt presented by ARP President John Naida stated that “SOD’s ‘beyond limits’ format would not have been possible without the ongoing support of Hoosier Racing Tire and Hoosier Tire Midwest; their support has been tremendous.  Thanks to Hoosier, SOD competitors can now build on the knowledge they have attained through a full season on the spec tires. They can look forward to three years of racing without any changes to their tire program.”

Terry Young (Hoosier Tire Midwest – Springfield, IL) administers the agreement and coordinates Hoosier’s efforts.  Neil Cowman (Hoosier Racing Tire – Lakeville, IN) directs the manufacture and production scheduling of the spec tires.  Craig Cowan (Hoosier Tire Midwest – Plymouth, IN) ensures that the tires are distributed to SOD quickly and efficiently.

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